Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Ben and I have finally started work. We've been here for a month and a half, and while we are still financially doing well, it has been stressful just sitting idly as the weeks passed by. We were warned that there would be no work in August, and work wouldn't really start till mid September to early October, but the reality was a bit taxing.
We did got our TEFL certificates through Canterbury in August in anticipation of starting work in September. Canterbury guaranteed work, which is why we chose to get our certificates with them. We will be private teachers here (very different from our jobs in Japan). Neither Ben or I have been assigned any of the guaranteed work from Canterbury, which is annoying, I have faith that we will have work through them in October, but seeing as we were given the impression we would be starting work at the beginning of September, and thus would be getting a paycheck at the beginning of October, I feel a bit misled.
 Through our own calculations, and prior research, we have found that our goal should be to work 20-25 hours per person, per week. So far I have 20 scheduled hours, and Ben has 4, but the offers keep coming, so neither of us is worried. The classes we have taught so far this week have gone very well, and for anyone interested I have links at the top of the page for our typed up lesson plans, and notes for the students.
Wish us luck!

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