Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fiesta de la Paloma in La Latina

This past weekend was the Fiesta de la Paloma in La Latina, one of Madrid's biggest and most important festivals. The celebrations began on Wednesday evening continued through the entire weekend. Like last weekends festival in Lavapiés, this festival had all the trademarks of a festival and an outrageous party on the streets.
We started our night at about ten, and bought ourselves some street food as dinner that evening. Ben and I got a Bocadillo with Pork belly as the filling. It was greasy and filling, but needed the seasoning of a couple of prior drinks to have been called good. At around midnight, all of our friends had found each other, and we were ready to dance.
Last weekend, we didn't make it very far into the night. We exhausted ourselves, and had to go home to sleep at around two in the morning. This weekend, we were determined to party the Spanish way, and partied through the night till five the next morning. Many people headed to clubs once the party on the street wound down, but they were too expensive, and too much of a commitment for us that late in the night. We were assured this was the norm in Spain to go to the clubs starting at about four in the morning, and then leave once the metro opens at about seven.

3:40 in the Morning!

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